About My volunteering role, I volunteer for-Doncaster and district ms group, my local society. also I edit for the international site and guest blog for them too.

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Welcome to Paul's blog

For MS Warriors and others affected by neurological disorders who can feel isolated in their community and may need information about services available to them and a friend to just talk to. Lending an ear can save lives.



Having MS myself, blogging is my personal way of expressing myself and sharing information. I want to show information about resources available in my local community to aid people with Multiple Sclerosis. Whether newly diagnosed or an MS veteran, meeting others in similar circumstances is liberating and helpful to deal with and discuss the many problems and symptoms which our disease presents. Knowing your not alone and there are people to talk to is invaluable.



Mental health awareness is a huge issue.

Reach out to others who may be isolated and alone.

To offer a friendly ear in their time of need.

Provide information about services available in their Communities.

Bring them out of their feelings of isolation and back in to the communities.

Make awareness of help in the community.

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